Statement on Rangers & Scottish football

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8th July 2012

The Hibs Supporters Club, Sunnyside

The Hibs Club has watched events in Scottish football this summer with increasing concern:

For Hibs and their fans this summer should have been solely about a much needed rebuilding process.

Instead we have watched with increasing concern as the whole Scottish game has been tarnished by the financial collapse of Rangers.

As Hibs fans we know only too well how men concerned more with profiteering than the wishes of fans can risk the very existence of a football club.

So it is with increasing dismay that we have watched Scottish football tear itself apart in its attempts to protect a business model that operates more for the benefit of TV executives than ordinary supporters.

We believe that the new Rangers – if they can satisfy the usual standards demanded for SFA membership – should start out again in the Third Division.

We welcomed the “no” vote passed by the SPL, including our own club, but we have watched with dismay as the SPL clubs have stood silently on the sidelines as their own Chief Executive – with the help and approval of a now entirely discredited SFA – has tried to bully and threaten lower division clubs into submission.

Not only do we find the tactics used by Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan abhorrent, we also take issue with the doomsday scenarios they have offered as evidence.

While TV money and corporate sponsorship are undoubtedly important we do not believe that all of them would vanish if the Rangers newco was not guaranteed a place in the SPL within 12 months.

We would also argue that additional benefits – including a return to more regular 3pm Saturday kick off times – would offset some of the lost revenue.

This, however, is an issue that should go beyond finances.

It is essential that Hibernian – like all clubs – are part of a fair and equitable league structure with governing bodies that are consistent and reasonable in their treatment of all clubs.

We do not believe that is currently the case and we would call on all SPL clubs – including our own – to urgently address the damage being done to the game by Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan.

We have long felt that reconstruction of the league structure was a critical factor in strengthening the Scottish game.

The proposals that are currently being discussed destroy the prospect of a strong Scottish game and are aimed solely at rebuilding a strong Rangers.

These attempts at craven gerrymandering for the sake of one club are an affront to all the commitments to “sporting integrity” we have heard over the last few months.

Many Hibernian fans feel cheated. While the financial sacrifices made at Easter Road have not always found favour with many of our fans we do appreciate that these decisions have been made in the interests of long term stability.

We now find our voices ignored as rules are broken or rewritten to favour a club that has spent money it could not afford to buy success.

It is heartbreaking for us to hear members speak of not going back to Easter Road or of turning their back on the Scottish national team.

These are not hollow threats. They are a symptom of the disillusionment many fans feel at a game that seems to constantly betray its paying customers.

While we have sympathy for ordinary Rangers fans left bewildered by current events we have also been saddened over the last few months to hear Ally McCoist attempt to destroy a disciplinary process that had been created to help move the game forward.

Other comments from high profile Rangers figures such as Sandy Jardine have seemed to be nothing more than vindictive threats against other clubs. These have left us shocked and angered.

Now we find ourselves in the unacceptable position of watching Charles Green attempt to sign players while footballing debts to other clubs – debts that are as important as any projected TV or sponsorship income – remain unpaid.

Yet this apparent lack of contrition is being ignored as the Scottish football authorities unite to do what they feel is best for just one club.

We would hope that the European and global footballing authorities are watching these developments with interest and will move to censure the Scottish governing bodies.

Hibernian Football Club is our passion. We want to see a strong Hibs on the pitch and off the pitch. We want to see a sustainable Hibernian at the heart of our community.

22 years ago we united as fans to save Hibernian.

Today we find ourselves united in calling for Scottish football to end the current uncertainty, withdraw the the current campaign of bullying and threats aimed at our friends in the Scottish Football League and allow Rangers to rebuild their devastated club from the Third Division.

Fans of other clubs have been accused of “hating” Rangers.

We are defined not by hatred of any club but by our love of Hibernian.

A strong Hibernian in a strong Scottish game will forever be our one and only aim.

A few men motivated by greed and money currently risk that vision.

Fans of Hibernian and every other club cannot stand silently by and let that happen.

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  1. 8th July 2012



    Outstanding statement released by you guys… I hope many more Supporters Associations mimic your passion and view their feelings towards the current debacle too.

    • 8th July 2012



      In some ways not a bad article. One issue I have is though that if everyone is determined and accepts we are a newco, you cant punish us for the oldco’s actions. It is on or the other. I.e we are either the oldco and pay footballing debts or the newco and pay none.

      • 8th July 2012



        By that logic then, will the trophies and achievements of the oldco also be disassociated with the newco?

        Or conveniently will it just be the debt that’s left behind?

        I think we know the answer!

      • 8th July 2012

        Bill C


        I hear what you’re saying ConcernedBear, but it works both ways. The newco appear to be of the opinion that they can just carry on using the same kit, crest & history as the old Rangers, but as you say they’re either the oldco or the newco, they can’t pick and choose which parts they want to keep.

      • 8th July 2012



        “Newco”. The name itself tells you – new company, not new club.

        As for “sporting integrity” all too often that is just an excuse for bashing a rival club, however often you try to deny it.

      • 8th July 2012

        The Craic


        The phrase you are looking for is ‘new club’, it’s a new club.

    • 8th July 2012



      I am a rangers fan and agree with the sentiuments that the only way to maintain integrity in the game is rangers to the third division, however i disagree that this is all done to favour rangers… i believe that the no vote was to save face infront of the spl fans the attempts to force rangers into the first division is to attempt to keep the money rangers attract in the the spl … personally i think the leadership at all levels of scottish senior football is corrupt and money is all that matters to them. Reconstruction is a must in scottish football and what has happened with rangers will provide the perfect opportunity to force that issue, i hope that the powers that be at all spl and sfl clubs including fans groups are able to make that happen but i suspect the sfa/spl will resist that at all costs as it takes their power from them.

      I hope all supporters groups share and voice their opinions as hibs have here, perhaps someone will take the notice that this deserves!

      regards a concerned fan of scottish football

    • 8th July 2012



      I couldn’t agree more with that whole statement( I’m a Dundee utd fan by the way!) brilliantly written and best of luck for next season! Well said

  2. 8th July 2012



    I am a Rangers fan (as was). This is a cracking statement and for the sake of ALL footballing fans in Scotland I hope integrity wins

  3. 8th July 2012



    From the maroon side of town, well done Hibs supporters for saying what most supporters in Scotland are thinking. I hope other supporters’ clubs follow suit in announcing their dismay at the blatant favouritism being demonstrated towards Rangers. Anything less for the newco than the Third Division is a tartan jackboot stamping on the face of sporting integrity.
    You have my full support with this statement.

  4. 8th July 2012

    Joseph Mckenna


    This is exactly how i’m feeling at the moment aswell,your statement is bang on the money… i’m a Celltic fan BUT as you say this is NOT about hatred or disdain for a particular club OR it’s reincarnation…THIS is about the love for the game of Scottish football and VERY importantly the correct administration of the LAWS/RULES……..not one of us is asking for ANYTHING else…..just that the rules of our game are adhered to (without fear nor favour Mr Regan!)……now lets put and end to all of this scaremongering and rules for ONE club that differ from EVERY other in the land……and Sevso 5088 can then APPLY to the SL3… it that difficult?……NO i didn’t think so!

    • 8th July 2012



      I’m a Rangers fan and I just want to say that whilst this statement makes a very good point it must be said that it is not Rangers that have asked the SFA/SPL to bully the SFL clubs or to be given preferential treatment. As to your remark about Ally attempting to destroy a disciplinary process would that be the same process that tried to over reach its powers and administer an unlawful punishment on the club.

      When all is said and done i will always support Rangers but would rather it was in the 3rd division. This i say based on the arguments of sporting integrity and no other reasons however i will find it very interesting watching how all the clubs outside of Celtic cope should the loss of TV and sponsorship revenue predicted actually happen.

  5. 8th July 2012



    Quality Statement, proud to be as member of the Hibs Club.
    Hope other associations and footballing bodies take note.

  6. 8th July 2012

    The Craic


    Great statement guys.

    The issue is very simple.

    Either the game is ran fairly, and all clubs are treated equally, or the game is not ran fairly, and one club is allowed to operate outside the laws of the game.

    This time next week, we’ll have either saved the game from these crooks, or there will be no game left to save.

  7. 8th July 2012

    chris w


    I’m not a Hibs fan but this is anoutstanding statement. The whole of Scottish football support needs get behind this and send a message to the SFA/SPL that this will not be accepted and has a far more detrimental result to the scottish game than a few £ s (based on unqualified predictions )

    • 8th July 2012

      Anne Harrow


      I am a Raith Rovers fan and have been very proud to see strong leadership come from our own chairman. I am also proud to note that “fans of Scottish football” are joining together from all levels of the game to share a common vision and promote a culture of fairness, openness and transparency which has been sadly lacking for years. I have listened to Managers and supporters from all divisions stand up and speak openly for change and I believe there is now a ground swell of opinion for doing things differently. It is not “social unrest” that the SFA leadership need to be afraid of but Social and Community collaboration where we all stand together to the common good.

    • 9th July 2012

      Andy Sandeilands (Thailand hibby)


      Were Rangers (and Celtic) not willing to move to the english league and leave scottish football to fend for themselves, without any say in the matter?
      Now you say it cant survive without you?
      You made yer beds

  8. 8th July 2012

    Jonnie M


    I am an Aberdeen fan. When this entire situation started, I fought against the calls from many of my friends that delighted in the suggestion that Rangers go out of business and sink to Division 3. I used some of the same arguments that Regan and Doncaster are using now.

    But with the way this has gone on, my position has completely changed. The SPL and SFA have become a disgrace. Put simply, would they make as much of an effort to bend and break the rules for any club outside the Old Firm. You only need to look at what happened to Livingston to see.

    I believe that the Newco starting in Division 3 is the only option. Forget the overused term ‘sporting integrity’ – it is the only fair thing to do. Regan and Doncaster argue that Scottish football would face financial Armageddon, but from what I’ve seen, I believe it could be the beginning of a new dawn. Already at Aberdeen, season ticket sales are looking very promising, and I have seen pledges from fans of several clubs saying that they are buying season tickets, kits and other merchandise to support their clubs for voting “No” to the newco joining the SPL.

    This statement is completely right. The ‘authorities’ need to look at the wishes of the fans. Many fans are already backing their clubs for standing up against the newco and the bullying tactics of Regan and Doncaster. And I firmly believe that fans will follow through on their threats to boycott Scottish football if the newco are allowed straight into Division 1.

    In one way, Regan and Doncaster are right. Scottish football IS facing Armageddon – IF greed leads the way and the newco is admitted into Division 1.

    Thank you, Hibs Supporters Club. This statement is exactly what is needed – now hopefully more supporters clubs will come out and join you.

    • 8th July 2012



      jonnie m,

      just to be clear, the sfa have never done anything to help celtic fc. rather they have done everything they could for over a hundred years to hinder our club. while i agree with everything else you have said, lumping celtic into your argument in an attempt to show that there is favoritism in scottish football for us, as well as the now dead rangers fc is very disturbing.

      not so long ago the footballing authorities did nothing to help celtic when they were on the brink of going out of business. our club more than any other have been cheated, as the only club for much of the recent past who have competed for the scottish premier league title (fairly, i might add) it is our club who’s detriment the current and previous incarnations of the spl and sfa have worked to.

      • 9th July 2012

        Andy Sandeilands (Thailand hibby)


        again. Rangers were willing to join the English leauge and leave Scottish football. It would have survived then and will surve now

  9. 8th July 2012

    Sandy F


    Great article. Totally agree with every word and would add radio ‘experts on the game’ to those falling over theirselves to court favour for Rangers. I actually emailed the Daily Record asking for Regan and Doncaster to either stand down or be sacked for their abhorrent bullying of SFL clubs. Stand together against corruption.

  10. 8th July 2012



    Never thought I’d say these words but…. well done Hibernian Football Club a statement to be proud of.

    • 8th July 2012



      Thanks BladeHearts but we have to make clear – this statement has been issued by the Hibs Supporters Club and not the football club.

      We will, of course, continue to keep the directors of the football club aware of our feelings.

  11. 8th July 2012

    Henry Clarson


    Not a Hibs fan myself but, like the overwhelming majority of Scottish football fans, I am keeping a close eye on how every club reacts to the outrageous behaviour of the game’s ruling bodies over the Rangers scandal.
    This is an excellent statement and I hope other SPL and SFL clubs are queuing up to echo its unequivocal condemnation of the tactics being employed by Messrs Doncaster and Regan.
    I remained concerned about a recurring assumption that Charles Green’s as yet non-existent football club has any right whatsoever to participate in the SFL in any division. The case for that has not been made while the case against it is overwhelming.
    It will not serve the interests of justice or sporting integrity if pseudo-Rangers are admitted to the third division by default. The disgraceful campaign to bully pseudo-Rangers into the first division deserves strong condemnation and should count strongly against the election of the club to the SFL.
    I sincerely hope that the SFL clubs overwhelmingly reject the application outright and move straight on to lunch.

  12. 8th July 2012



    What a great statement. Hits the mark in so many ways. Clearly makes the point about clubs being careful with their money in comparison to Rangers disregard. Hearts are having to let players go to cut costs. Rangers look to keep Lee Wallace and sign Black by not paying Hearts. And how they can be allowed to retain Jelavic money from EFC but not have to pay the instalment to Rapid V is staggering.

    Great work Hibees. Hope others stand firm alongside.

  13. 8th July 2012

    Robert Townsend


    Cracking statement. Concise and to the point. Would just like to highlight that Rangers fans WANT division 3. The rules are not being changed to accomodate Rangers through their requests, merely to accomodate them to protect the commercial interest of the SPL.

  14. 8th July 2012



    am a rangers fan all go to div 3 no probs but use will come down with a bang trust me its ok saying no now but lests be onest your scared of us hate but rated so drill it in boys we go to div 3 no probs be back up there spl wining again we are the people shhhhhhh

    • 8th July 2012



      the voice of the now dead rangers fc. no wonder your support don’t seem to grasp the rules, when even the rules of english language are too complex for you.

  15. 8th July 2012



    this statement is good but there is some things you fail to understand,we did not spend money we could not afford to buy success any money we owed to the bank was paid off by a crook who used rangers season ticket money to buy the club.where i agree with you and want us to start in division 3 you must understand that craig whyte is under investigation from the police for the way he conned his way into our club and ran it into the ground,if as you and every media people think we bought players we could not afford where has this been proved

    • 8th July 2012



      Where has it been proved?

      Although Whyte did use future season money to repay Lloyds Bank debt, Rangers went into liquidation still owing in the region of £134million over and above that bank debt.

      Rangers are dead.

      Face it.

    • 8th July 2012

      secret squirrel


      You must be the only person on the planet that hasn’t heard about Murray propping up your club for years till the bank called a halt!

      Totally deluded and out of touch/reach with reality if at this stage you’re still trying to play the innocent card and lay your ex club’s liquidation on Whyte.

  16. 8th July 2012

    Dale Mckinnon


    This statement is spot on. Not one Rangers fan I know thinks/expects/hopes we will be in the first division next season. Let’s be clear, the majority of Rangers supporters should agree with this statement. For sporting integrity, the S.F.A should’ve had a model in place for Newco clubs as soon as Rangers went into administration but they never. So they should have made the decision when Rangers became a Newco but they never.

    If the Scottish game is to retain any credibility as an association they must put Rangers in the third division, let Rangers start again and let Scottish football start again, bit they won’t.

  17. 8th July 2012

    craig mclean


    I understand where fans of other clubs are coming from, but I slightly disagree on one or two things. Rangers being parachuted into div 1 is not for the benefit if rangers, but for the sake of the other SPL clubs who want to preserve the sky/ESPN deals. As a Rangers fan, it feels we are being kicked at every turn, but different fans will always have different views. I DO agree we must go to Div 3 tho, and not because it will hurt the SPL, but simply because it is the right way to do it. Where has the emphasis on sporting integrity from Sfa and SPL suddenly disappeared?
    Anyway, best of luck to everyone for the new season. Stay cool

  18. 8th July 2012



    i wouldnt wish any club to enter liquadation bar celtic but i wont go in to my reasons, this is football and scots football is on its knees and i and other blue noses will miss the fixtures v hibs and others. we as a club did not break the rules it was done by theifs and liars and i have nothing against hibs for voting no to a newco. best of luck in the new season. rtid

  19. 8th July 2012

    Gordon McIntosh


    Well said. Although a jambo, I agree. Bullying tactics, threats of financial doom (jeez, whit team has any money anyway?). This is a great time to stand up and say enough. Rangers should have abided by the rules they voted on and taken their punishment like Livingston. But no. They ran away to mammy and said they’d be a good wee boy if they said sorry. I have a wee bit sympathy for mccoist (a wee bit) and the genuine gers fans, but even they acknowledge a 3rd div place would be best. Then they’d build up some credibility by working their way back up, not getting a new fangled play off place.

  20. 8th July 2012



    Brilliant statement – very well worded and a sentiment every Hearts supporter that I know shares.

    The game in Scotland MUST take notice of the wishes of supporters of all clubs otherwise the whole thing is finished.

    One thing I do not understand – why are the ‘authorities’ saying nothing about Rangers Football Club (as was) possibly having titles and honours won so iniquitously taken off the records?

  21. 8th July 2012



    as a rangers fan, i can only agree with your views on the authorities, who have let every team in scotland down, including rangers. most rangers fans have said for months if we go down a newco route we should start again in div. 3. we dont agree with our club being used as a pawn by regan & the other spl directors. if you want our fan base & tv deals fine, but drop the sporting integrity stick. also one final point, rangers did not spend money we couldnt afford, our debt was £18 million when craig whyte took over. media scare mongering & lies of £ 130 million should be taking with a pinch of salt

  22. 8th July 2012



    Great statement, not a Hibs fan but have always had an affinity to the club and this has just reaffirmed that. You have my full support.

  23. 8th July 2012



    I commend this as being perhaps the best well thought out article that I have seen and read since Rangers’s issues have begun. And I totally support your thoughts and views on this and more importantly I agree with them! As a Killie fan I was dismayed at Kilmarnock’s decision to abstain rather than vote with their fans. Again kudos to a well done article!

  24. 8th July 2012

    The Dutch


    Most Rangers fans want to get on with the process and start their rebuilding in the 3rd Division. Who is holding them up?

  25. 8th July 2012



    Have to congratulate the author of this Hibs statement for cutting through the sanctimonious bull we’ve heard emanating from Boardrooms throughout Scotland. Int£gr$ty my backside….You don’t like us….we get it. Success has a way of getting up people’s noses, eh? And now here’s a goldplated opportunity to do what you couldn’t do on the football pitch over the last Century. let the haters enjoy their moment, we shall rise again!
    We are as disgusted as you with the antics of previous Glasgow Rangers Board members, and will have to take the consequences of those illegal acts. The Bears will show the rest of Scotland what INTEGRITY really means, and will happily restart our great club in the Third Division. Assuming there’s enough of you left, I look forward to welcoming your team to Ibrox in a couple of years.
    May I also be the first to congratulate Celtic Football Club on winning the 2013, 2014, and 2015 SPL 🙂

    • 8th July 2012

      Colin S


      Your arrogant stance has made you hated as u seem to think that Rangers not being in the league will make others go to the wall and therefore your only reason for wanting to go to Div3 isn’t for remorse or to say sorry,it’s hoping that others will struggle because u aren’t there,if we have you in our league and u do what u did over past however many years by stealing millions and not paying hospitals,ambulance service and police then i hope your never in the lge again as what is good about that,as for you thinking others are jealous of your success,isn’t this the reason your club are now dead?Trying to steal and cheat your way to 9in a row and a European cup,haha,so in essence your club where envious of what Celtic had achieved and died trying to achieve it,it’s a bad day when ALL fans want rid of you,Rangers are dead and for their sins all they have had as punishment is 10points deduction,the 3year euro ban as you say isn’t a ban,it’s a requirement for all new clubs.Enjoy your new club whoever they are but why should they be allowed to jump above 30 other teams and straight into Div1?It’s against Fifa rules but the corrupt SFA/SPL/SFL with their RFC supporting debenture holders will make sure u get back in,this is what’s so wrong in this Country of ours.

      • 9th July 2012

        Andy Sandeilands (Thailand hibby)



  26. 8th July 2012



    Im a Jambo, but by god you hit the nail right on the head.
    Rangers should take their punishment on the chin. If this was any other club, there would be no questions asked. The bigger clubs should be leading by example and stop the bulling tactics. The head cheifs at Hampden should hang their heads in shame over their recent public outburts.

    I have one thing left to say……..Livingstone FC relegated to the 3rd division for far less than what Rangers have done……………

    • 8th July 2012



      errr we gers fans want div 3 our manager has stated he will back the fans wishes on this. The ones that are preventing us from going to div is the SFA AND SPL and why are they preventing this is coz they don’t want to lose the money from commercial revenue which would dry up if we went to div3. Every fan has shouted about “sporting integrity” every spl chairman has shouted about “sporting integrity” Now we the Rangers fans are shouting we want “sporting integrity” but are we going to get it from the SFA and SPL

  27. 8th July 2012



    Great piece, I and every right minded football supporter in the country stands with you.

    What’s fascinating though is the response and attitude of those fans of the club that used to be Rangers. They just continue in their arrogance, utterly devoid of contrition. The years of allegedly stealing from the exchequer are conveniently forgotten, their loyalty to the crown an irony at best a sick joke in reality. The hypocrisy continues.

    Being in division three isn’t a punishment you cretins. It’s not even a consequence of your situation. It’s where clubs that are new to the SFL start. That’s the situation here. It’s not because everybody hates you, it’s because a month ago your football team didn’t exist. Please try to understand this, it’s getting really boring explaining it to every idiot in royal blue I come across.

  28. 8th July 2012



    I am a Rangers fan, when my daughter started showing an interest in football I didn’t want her involved in the tribalism that the old firm bring. I was delighted when she chose Hibs as her team, the only one in her school, and I have spent a fortune over the last 10 years buying her new strips and various merchandising for her birthday and Christmas. Getting emails from the Hibs shops has been embarrassing though!
    Now you have shown your hatred to be more offensive and spiteful than anything the old firm ever did. She won’t be following Hibs. In fact she has more sense than her dad and won’t waste another second on football, hope you are proud.

  29. 8th July 2012

    briggy bear


    we as a club must go to div 3, as `sporting integrity` goes out the window, anything else is cheating by sfa and the spl clubs. like pacific shelf 595, rangers plc 1899 were liquidated, not the 1872 club, just to let you know our history is intact. great artical hibs, well done you. hope to see you all in 3 years time, maybe the spl will be in better health

  30. 8th July 2012



    lets get this in order here we as rangers supporters want to go to the 3rd division and work or way back up but we dont need is a 2 bob mob who has done nothing in the spl but live of rangers and celtics backs to poke their nose in to what goes on at our club we will take what comes or way and get on with it but all this about not putting the boot in when we are down is a load of crap the lot of yous in the spl could not wait to vote rangers out so as they say what goes around comes around we will see who is still in the spl when we come back not many and i hope that hibs are one that are not

  31. 8th July 2012

    mr george mckinlay



  32. 8th July 2012



    An excellent article barring a couple of statements, specifically the attack on Ally McCoist at his “attempt to destroy a disciplinary process”, an illegal process no matter which way you look at it.

    As with every single Rangers fan I know, I agree we should start in Div 3 and work our way back. It is not Rangers stopping this but SFA/SPL who should be lambasted for the disgraceful position they have placed the SFL in.

    I cannot help but think that no matter what now happens – No team in SPL will ever allow a Newco to have served their punishment. I have already heard plenty of haters stating that “losing your team (oldco), history, years of euro football & being relegated to Div 3 is still not enough punishment” – btw these are not Celtic supporters I am referring to.

    Haters are gonna hate. RTID

  33. 8th July 2012

    Robert taylor


    It is with little surprise but some dismay that we note the statement made today by the Hibernian Supporters Club. Give the propensity for these statements to appear in groups we feel it is worth correcting some of the inaccuracies contained within it before others make the same mistakes. After all, given the now shattered falsehood that ‘sporting integrity’ was the overriding aim of clubs in the SPL, we should do all we can to avoid another myth being perpetuated by those clubs and their fan groups.

    It is probably worth noting that we fully agree with the Hibs Club’s opposition to the SFA/SPL aim of placing Rangers into Division 1 of the SFL. However, their assertion that this is being done to assist Rangers is absurd. The Rangers fans have made it very clear that we wish the club to resume playing in Division 3. This has been communicated to both the board and the manager of our club and they are entirely supportive. This is the correct solution and one which means the club will forever be beyond reproach. The tactics being employed by the SPL and SFA in order to deny Rangers the opportunity to do so are outrageous.

    However, let us be very clear. This ‘solution’ is being cobbled together for the benefit of clubs in the SPL, like Hibernian, who have based their business models around having Rangers in the league. It is being done so that Rangers can be used as a cash cow to sustain these clubs whilst inflicting maximum damage on our club’s ability to compete. If our club are forced into this it will be purely to protect the financial interests of the current SPL clubs.

    Whilst we have little interest in whether the financial projections for the SPL clubs are accurate, the SPL chairmen clearly feel that they can sustain their clubs with reduced, or no, TV revenue and sponsorship and without the patronage of our away support. We wish them the best of luck.

    The SFL clubs are blameless in this scenario. They are being blackmailed by the spectre of formation of SPL 2 and should not have been put in this position by the SPL clubs and the SFA. The SFA are also attempting to blackmail Rangers into accepting these proposals using a licence document concocted specifically to threaten our club.

    That the Hibs Club should use Rangers’ successful court challenge of an unlawful SFA sanction as an excuse to attack our manager says everything about the motives behind their statement.

    If the Hibernian fans, or fans of any other SPL club, are unhappy with the plan to place our club, against its will, in Division 1, then perhaps they should address their concerns to the boards of the Scottish football authorities, rather than taking it as a further opportunity to attack our club. Indeed, the Hibernian Supporters Club are in an excellent position to do so, given that their Chairman, Rod Petrie, is one of the main architects of this proposal along with Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and the club chairmen who are lucky enough to hold privileged positions on the boards of the SPL and SFA.

    Rangers Football Club has existed and prospered for 140 years. We are in the middle of a very difficult period in our history but are resolute in the knowledge that our club will be here for another 140 years, and beyond. We look forward to being given the opportunity to make new friends in our journey through the Scottish leagues, starting in Division 3. We are sure this journey will benefit the clubs in those leagues and look forward to returning to a prosperous SPL with bountiful ‘sporting integrity’. If we are denied this opportunity then rival clubs should look no further than their own chairman for someone to blame.

  34. 8th July 2012



    Excellent statement up until the head in the sand, Rangers bashing, rhetoric. To suggest that forcing the club to play at a higher level than we want is absolutely bizarre and a disappointing turn to a statement which appeared to be covering the ills of our game at large.

    The authors conveniently ignore the fact that Hibs are one of the architects of the stitch up along with the other SPL members, so for whose benefit is the Div 1 nonsense really for? Certainly not Rangers, that’s for sure, but eleven other clubs who want to maintain their current level of funding.

    The overriding short termism of the governing bodies and the remaining 11 SPL clubs is the real issue that the supporters groups should be addressing.

  35. 8th July 2012



    Well done to Hibs Club for a well considered statement. Other supporter groups must come forward and show their feelings so that the clubs that will make decisions in the weeks ahead can understand the fans feelings.

    I admire the Rangers fans who accept their club should rebuild from Div 3. It must be very hard to see their club, the team many of them have supported all their lives, break apart. If it happened to my club I would be devastated.

    The disapointment comes from those officials and sections of Rangers support that seem to think all of our clubs will collapse if New Rangers FC have to start in div 3. It is nothing short of dillusional. With all their own problems they could be excused for not noticing the rise and determination that has come from supporters and officials of almost all 41 other SPL & SFL clubs. A determination to see Scottish football improve.

    I don’t seem to remember Rangers being concerned for future of other Scottish clubs as they eyed a move to the English leagues, in fact I believe that theyay have stated that Scottish football would thrive and become more competitive without them.

    A number of things are required to make this all work without New Rangers. Supporters must come in their droaves first of all. This will not only offset the likely loss of short sighted TV company sponsorship revenue, but it will show our passion for our game in our league in our country and send a clear message to the doubters. We can have an exciting and competitive league that attracts not only TV deals but investment from believers.

    And finally, New Rangers must start again in division 3. A new club, a new start. No punishments, no sanctions, no debts, no history. Welcome them into the game, I’m sure they will have a lot to offer. If we all benefit from that in the coming years then we can thank them. New Rangers shouldn’t take old baggage on their journey, the arse will only fall out of it somewhere along the way and your dirty washing will fall onto the new road.

  36. 8th July 2012

    Brian Cooper


    You lot just got owned by the RST, apologies will be accepted from you in your next statement.

  37. 8th July 2012



    I as a rangers fan i want div 3 as most of us do so instead of statements like this get youre chairmen mr petrie and his mates to get this sorted because its the spl chairmen that are putting pressure on the sfl to put us into div 1 so they can keep there sky deal integrity ma a•r•e

  38. 8th July 2012

    Rangers FC Thread – Page 178


    […] Rangers FC Thread Hibs supporters statement Hibs supporters statement on Rangers | Hibs Supporters Club The Hibs Club has watched events in Scottish football this summer with increasing concern: For […]

  39. 8th July 2012



    On the surface what seems like a statement of concern from yet another supporters club worried about the state of Scottish football.

    The talk of footballing authorities uniting to do what is best for one club i.e. Rangers is laughable, were they doing what was best for Rangers when they fined them £160,000? Were they doing what was best for Rangers when they deducted them 10 points, effectively killing off their league challenge? Were they doing what was best for Rangers when they banned them from Europe for 3 years? Were they doing what was best for Rangers when they took away their Champions League place? We’re they doing what was best for Rangers when they banned them from signing players?

    The only concern from these people is that the cash cow that is the Rangers supporter is not lost to fund the dead duck that is Scottish football.

    Let’s put the facts on the table, Rangers fans want to go to Division 3, Ally McCoist has said it would be better if Rangers went to division 3, even Charles Green has said Rangers will play in whatever league the SPL see fit without canvassing opinion of anyone in the SFL, assuming they are accepted. It is the chairmen of all these teams with such high regard for sporting integrity that know they can’t survive without Rangers because they don’t have a fan base of their own, either in their stadiums or for a televised audience that want Rangers in Division 1, there but with as many punitive measures as they can possibly get away with!

    All this talk of fans staying away from grounds is also laughable, it’s quite apparent that this process started some time ago!

    I also fail to see how going to negotiate a new television contract with an inferior product on offer would give rise to more 3pm Saturday kick offs, more likely SKY or ESPN would be looking to fill obscure slots in their scheduling and would keep the currently scheduled slots for something that might draw an audience. 

    Rangers for Division 3, let’s have some sporting integrity please. 

  40. 8th July 2012



    If u are driven by a love for hibs why are you writing statements about Rangers? Why not get on with your own club? Your team wont be playing Rangers next season or possibly for another three seasons anyway so why are u still going on about it? scottish football is an utter joke as it is.. Your teams are all pathetic and get stuffed year in year out by unheard of lithuanian teams in europe….
    Its a joke league and this scandal that no one outside of scotland cares about is clearly an excuse for pub league Supporters clubs to try and make themselves look important… The only scottish game i ever bother to watch if no better EPL game are on is celtic v rangers. Hibs of midlothian, motherwell, dundee, east fife, whatever – they all win nothing and play cr@p football in front of half empty stadiums! Rangers were rubbish anyway, as are celtic but they both at least have decent stadiums… All sounds like yet more Sad jocks with a chip!

  41. 8th July 2012

    James Proctor


    I agree 100 percent. I am an ICT fan and we as a club sacrificed two independant teams with their own support to join the bottom tier of the SFL. Any other side should have to start at the bottom like we did.

    The way the SFA and SPL have behaved is shameful. We should be looking to revamp our game that has so often been look on as being backward, instead we as fans are being lied to about losing TV and sponsorship deals all to save one club.

    Worry about the sport and the money will look after itself.

  42. 8th July 2012



    I’m also a Jambo and I also salute the clarity and good sense of this statement. I realise that the statement comes from Hibs supporters but I feel that, to a certain extent, it echos some of the things said, earlier on, by the Hibs board. I think that this does some service to Hibernian FC and brings credit to the club.

  43. 8th July 2012



    Scottish football is in an almighty mess.

    I seriously doubt this mess would have gone on so long, unsolved if it were any other club in Scotland who were caught cheating to such an extent.

    The entire establishment in the Scottish game is riddled with ex Rangers men & current Rangers shareholders.

    Parcel of Rouges.

  44. 8th July 2012



    Celtic fan. Well said.
    Think all true fans would agree.
    Doncaster and Regan must go.

  45. 9th July 2012



    Thanks for all the comments folks – we welcome debate from fans of all clubs and we hope that it us as supporters who help drive football in Scotland forward.

    We have listened carefully to our members over the past few months and our statement was borne from feedback received from representatives of branches in this time.

    We are heartened that fans of a number of clubs can sympathise with and support our statement.

    We are aware that other supporters groups have responded to this article and while we don’t plan to issue statements agreeing with or refuting every response we do note that recent accusations made against the chairman of Hibernian Football Club remain unproven.

    It should also be clear from reading our statement that we call on all SPL clubs – including our own – to take the steps that we feel are necessary to help Scottish football flourish once again.