A quick guide to joining The Hibs Club

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16th September 2013

The Hibs Club - for Hibs fans

Note: Memberships applications are not currently being accepted – an update will be available when all branches have renewed existing memberships for 2019.

How do I join The Hibs Club?

It’s really easy to join The Hibs Club:

You become a member of the The Hibs Club at Sunnyside by joining one of our affiliated branches.

Branch committee members will be able to help you out and let you know how much it costs.

To join you’ll need to fill in a membership application and be proposed and seconded by existing club members.

Normally you’ll also need to attend a branch meeting to have your application confirmed.

What do I get when I join The Hibs Club?

When your membership application is accepted you’ll receive your Hibs Club membership card.

You can use the card to access the club.

Hand over your card when you buy to a drink to get your membership discount.

You’ll also have a bonus starting credit of £11 on your card so you can start using it behind the bar straight away.

Members also get reduced ticket prices for some cabaret nights, including free tickets some to shows.

Can I use my card to buy drinks?

Yes – simply top up your card in advance and then hand it over when you’re buying a round of drinks.

What about bonus points?

For every pound you spend behind the bar one point will be added to your card.

Save up your bonus points and then use them to buy drinks.

Can I join The Hibs Club throughout the year?

No – memberships will only be available from March (once our annual renewals are complete for existing members) until September.

That’s not because we don’t want new members – it’s a way to save prospective members money.

Every member – no matter when they join throughout the year – have to re-affiliate at the start of year.

So if you joined in November, you’d have to pay your affiliation fees again in January.

We don’t think that’s very fair – we think it’s much more in the spirit of The Hibs Club to simply ask new members to wait until January.

That saves new members money – meaning you’ll have more money to enjoy your time in the club.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

Apply for a new card by handing a lost card form to a member of your branch committee.

A lost card costs £5 to replace.

If your card is broken it will be replaced for free.

And there’s no need to worry – any money or bonus points you have will be transferred to your new card automatically.

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