Pat Stanton to join Easter Road protest

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6th June 2014

“Hibs have to learn the fans are the most important part of a club.”

The words of Pat Stanton as he confirmed he would be joining tomorrow’s demonstration outside the West Stand at Easter Road.

Fans are asked to meet at 11am
Speakers will begin at 11.30am

Pat, for many the greatest Hibs player of them all, will address Hibs fans outside the West Stand.

He’ll be joined on the platform by Paul Kane and Kenny McLean Jnr who will also address their fellow supporters.

Many other former players including Jackie McNamara, Keith Wright, Mickey Weir and Willie Hunter will be in attendance.

Tomorrow’s event will be a peaceful demonstration aimed at showing the determination of supporters to rescue Hibs from the downward spiral that has seen a pattern of underachievement and, ultimately, the pain of relegation.

With Leeann Dempster now in position as chief executive, many supporters share the belief that the fresh start Hibs so desperately need will be easier and quicker to achieve if Rod Petrie resigns from any role with the football club or the board of the football club.

The organisers have been working with the relevant authorities and members of The Hibs Club committee will be involved in stewarding the event.

Pat Stanton:

“You have to be very worried about the future and no-one can blame the fans for feeling the way they do. They have been very loyal and patient but the decline has not been over recent months.

“It has been coming over the last few seasons. The people running the club are very detached from the fans. The fans have been ignored for too long and kept at arm’s length. Now is the time to lower the drawbridge.

“The last thing fans wanted was it to turn into ‘us and them’.

“But that is what has happened and it is not the fans’ fault.”

Jackie McNamara Snr:

“The honourable thing for Rod to do in this situation is to resign. I’ve nothing personal against Rod. I actually have a good relationship with him. I don’t like seeing anybody lose their job but Rod’s sacked plenty people in the past. It shouldn’t come to supporters demanding your resignation.

“Rod should say ‘well, I’m culpable’ and resign like Lex Gold did after relegation in 1998.”

Kenny McLean Jnr:

“I’ll tell you there is only one person that has starved this club. He has starved us of our heart, he has starved us of our support, he has put us down and people are laughing at us and we are going nowhere.

“We are on our knees and most importantly he has starved us of Premier League football and it is up to us, the supporters to support this campaign to get the club back to where it belongs.”

Paul Kane:

“We believe this is a crucial time in the club’s history and that without Rod Petrie being here Hibs would be a better club.

“If he thinks Leeann Dempster is that good then he can walk away. I don’t know how he will respond to it but one thing is for sure – with the emotions shown today we will get what we want.”

Charlie Reid:

“There needs to be a feeling that there is a communication between the fans and the board. There’s something gone badly wrong at boardroom level. Rod Petrie’s been the top man for a very long time, so if you’re going to take the plaudits for the new stadium, you have to take the brickbats for what’s gone wrong on the pitch.

“If the fans stand united, it’s going to be impossible for him to stay on.”

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