HSA Scottish Cup Fund: Update

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30th September 2016

The Hibs Club

A recent article on the Hibernian Football Club website thanked the Hibernian Supporters Association for the support shown to the football club.

Leeann Dempster said:

“We are very grateful to Hibernian Supporters Association for the tremendous goodwill and support they have shown towards the Club in recent weeks.

“Not only have they sponsored the Persevered Scottish Cup Trophy Tour, they have also been in contact with the Club since the Cup Final to see what they might do to help. We are really gratified to see the Association encouraging supporters to help support the Club in this way and it underlines the positive relationship between the Club and the Association – and indeed the wider supporter base.

“The Persevered Tour is going fantastically well and we are reaching out to thousands of school children with positive messages, and I know that engaging with the fans of the future is something supporters are keen that we do.”

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The Trustees of the Hibernian Supporters Association thank Leeann, and everyone at the football club.

We would also like to thank all supporters who have contributed to our Scottish Cup fund so far.

Our fundraising campaign will continue over the next few weeks as we look to help recompense the Hibs for the money they have spent.

As previously stated, fans will be given the chance to vote on how any additional funds are allocated.

We look forward to supporting Leeann, Neil and the team over the course of the season.

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