World Cup Sweepstake – The Draw

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13th June 2018

2018 World Cup at The Hibs Club

The fivers have been paid.

And the draw has been made.

If you signed up for our 2018 World Cup sweepstake and missed our no expense spared live draw on the eve of the tournament, here’s your country for the next month (or less than a month for most of us!)

And remember, folks, we’re open for kick off as Russia face Saudi Arabia in the curtain opener at 4pm on Thursday, 14 June.

Country Name
Argentina Billy Milne
Costa Rica Andy McGlynn
Senegal Bill Hall
Panama Stevie Robertson
Croatia Dode Weir
Nigeria Beth Hall
Australia Ruth Clark
Portugal Billy Douglas
Poland Grahame Curran
Colombia Breda Henderson
Spain Crawford Corrigan
France James Murray
Brazil Woolie
Switzerland Willie Wilson
South Korea Kevin Ramsay
Mexico Sean Rutherford
Peru Fraser McAllum
Iceland Mike Rutherford
Saudi Arabia   Andy Hall
Morocco Harry Millar
Sweden Dougie Reid
Belgium Robin Reid
Germany Joseph Thom
Tunisia Garry Fennell
Russia Colin Rich
Serbia Peter Bain
Egypt Andy Grierson
Denmark Judith Chisholm
Uruguay Ryan Ramsay
Japan Coco M
Iran Tom Hall
England Graham Dickson


(The web editor accepts no responsibility for the teams chosen!)

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