EGM – 11 January 2020

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22nd December 2019

The Hibernian Supporters Association

The Trustees of the Hibernian Supporters Association have confirmed that an EGM will be held in The Hibs Club on Saturday 11 January at noon.

The EGM was requested in line with our rules and constitution and will focus on a recent disciplinary matter.

Any members with questions about this should contact their branch in the first instance.

The motion received by the Trustees was:

We, the undersigned call for an immediate Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the following:

The General Secretary was recently the subject of a disciplinary process following the assault on two visitors to the club, one of whom was a woman. Having admitted these offences the General Secretary was subsequently suspended for a period of one month. This meeting believes this punishment failed to acknowledge the seriousness of the offence and that the members of the council, in “looking after one of their own” have seriously undermined the disciplinary process to the point where it no longer has any credibility.

Members condemn the actions of the General Secretary and also those members of the council who, in giving their judgement , have brought the Association into disrepute and requires all those involved to consider how the integrity of the Association may be repaired.

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